Ladakh Photo Workshop - 2 September 2014

Starting on the 2nd September 2014 I  will be running a 12 day photography workshop and tour in Ladakh - Indian Himalaya. 

This remote part of North India has one of the most unique and beautiful landscapes in the world, where Tibetan Buddhist culture flourishes. It offers distinctive opportunities for photographers interested in travel and landscape photography.

The workshop was designed with the photographer in mind and is for a beginner and those with some experience. It's a good mix of a cultural experience and seeing natural landscapes. It will begin at the basics of photography and how to use a DSLR camera.

The technical aspects of capturing great image will be covered along with how to develop your eye and make pictures your own. This is something Neil is very passionate about - developing your creative aspects of photography.

Come and share the adventure together in this visual journey and discover the unique landscape, light and culture of Ladakh through your own eyes.

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