I'm very excited to introduce my new photographic series – When the Wave Comes from the Mountain. This project explores the formation of dangerous glacial lakes due the worlds changing climate high in the Himalaya Mountains. Please do take a look here;
This work was made in the mountain of Nepal and India in 2012. Much happened on the journey and adventure while shooting the project. It was very challenging both physically and mentally and lots of cold nights. 
The mountains of the Himalaya and completely stunning beyonds words but the mountains are not well. This region is one of the most fragile ecosystems on this planet. Therefore man made climate change is having a huge negative impact. I believe what is happening to the Himalayas is an important wake-up call to the impact of global climate change, it is for this reason that I've created this series of photographs.
The project is partly inspired by photographs taken of this region in the late 1800s by Italian mountaineer and photographer, Vittorio Sella, whose work captured a moment in history when the landscape was virtually undisturbed.
You can see some of his work here;